10 Reasons Home Security Systems Are Increasing in Popularity

Holding a smart energy controller or remote home control onlineHome security systems are increasing in popularity throughout the country. What are the reasons for this increase in home security popularity? Certainly home systems have been around for awhile. Why the interest now? Here are ten reasons homeowners are acquiring home security systems to protect themselves, their families and their properties.

1. Affordability.

Home security systems are more inexpensive than ever. Hard wired, complicated and outdated systems have been replaced with digital systems that are more cost effective to install, maintain and monitor. What used to be only affordable for those with expensive homes is now within reach of just about every homeowner. This new affordability has brought new homeowners into the marketplace.

2. Monitored Systems.

Today’s monitored systems provide better protection at more affordable prices. Monitored systems don’t just set off some alarm in the hopes that safety forces will respond. Monitored systems can provide real time information to law enforcement, making them much more effective in fighting home burglaries.

3. Acceptance.

Home security systems have been welcomed into the mainstream. People are not viewed as living in a bad neighborhood or paranoid because they have a home security system. They are viewed as responsible and practical.

4. Insurance Discounts.

Modern monitored home security systems can result in some significant savings on homeowners insurance. There have been cases of savings of 20% or more on home owner’s insurance policies for those with monitored security systems. Contact your insurance company to see if you qualify. If you don’t, shop around. These savings can help pay for a security systems while providing better peace of mind for you and your family.

5. Rise in Home Invasions and Burglaries.

It doesn’t take long to watch the television news or read the newspaper and hear about the increase in home invasions and burglaries. In some circumstances the results are much more tragic. This news has caused many families to seek more protection and many are choosing whole house security systems.

6. Accumulation of More Valuables.

Over the years we accumulate more valuables. These may include jewelry, collectibles, coins or artwork. Many family heirlooms are invaluable to us and no amount of insurance would cover their loss. Preventing their loss may be a better option. Home security systems are being installed by families who won’t be satisfied with monetary replacement of lost heirlooms. They feel it is better to protect these heirlooms from the outset.

7. No Need for Expensive Installations.

In previous years a complete home security system would take a significant initial investment on behalf of the homeowner. Today, many times initial installations are free or very affordable with a security agreement. Many homeowners have discovered this as a barrier-free way to get a full security system without busting their family budget.

8. More Realization that Security is a Personal Responsibility.

More homeowners are beginning to understand that their family’s security is their personal responsibility. In many communities response times from law enforcement are deteriorating.This is in spite of more 911 and smartphone access than ever. For many, this has “turned the light bulb on” in regards to personal security. They have decided that it is up to them to do their best to provide the frontline of security in protecting their home and family. Home security systems are a natural choice for these enlightened homeowners.

9. Increase in Professionalism.

Home security has improved their reputation for customer service and in establishing value. Few homeowners feel “pressured” into buying a security system and are making the choice of their own accord. Hard-sell home security system sales are mostly in the past.

10. Peace of Mind.

With so much else to worry about in the world today, it is nice to know that a small investment can bring so much peace of mind. Home security systems can provide that peace of mind.